Johnny's on Marion Restaurant



Established in 1977, Johnny's Marion Restaurant is truly a family restaurant. John and Georgia Andromidas immigrated to Canada from Greece with their family in 1972. After 5 years of hard work at a variety of jobs John and Georgia opened the Marion Restaurant. It began as a small 40 seat cafe with the Andromidas family not only all working in the restaurant regardless of their age but also living in the apartment attached to the building. A home was purchased in 1984 and the first expansion was under way. This expansion increased the seating capacity to 80 and allowed for Phil to join the business full time. Jimmy followed soon after as did another expansion in 2001 which brought Peter into the restaurant full time as well. Although John and Georgia now had their three sons running the business they could never quite keep out of the operation totally. It wasn't just the homemade, delicious food and the great prices that had people coming to the restaurant, John's exuberant personality had people coming by on a regular basis. Even though the restaurant never was officially called Johnny's it came to be known as that as people got to know John and the family over the years. John passed on in 2012 and it was evident just how many patrons were more than just customers to him and his family. He was honoured with many cards, flowers and visitors at his funeral. Georgia left to join John in the big kitchen in the sky in 2015 having taught her boys all she knew. Phil, Peter and Jim carry on the tradition of serving up delicious home cooked meals started by John and Georgia all those years ago.